Funny Dog Fun & Food BallTreat-dispensing toyFunny Dog Fun & Food BallFunny Dog Fun & Food BallTreat-dispensing toyTreat-dispensing toy

Funny Dog Fun & Food Ball

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Funny Dog Fun & Food Ball

Getting your dog to be more active can be a bit of a challenge if your pup is on the lazy side. Treats can be a great choice to encourage exercise. This Funny Dog Fun & Food Ball is a fun interactive dog toy and treats dispenser like this one is an excellent idea whenever you want to get your pup active.

The product is pretty simple and straightforward to use. Made of high quality, extra-tough rubber, the interactive dog toy is virtually indestructible. The design allows for the placement of dry food in the different compartments. As your dog plays with the ball and rolls it around, some of the snacks will fall off and provide a rewarding experience. There are two sizes to choose among and we also offer a range of bright and vibrant colors.

Main Features:

• Made of tough rubber to give your dog prolonged use
• The design allows the ball toy to hold treats, which increases pet curiosity and desire to play
• Safe and chewable material
• It helps to clean your dog/puppy’s teeth by reducing the chances of tartar buildups and plaques
• It helps to protect your furniture from being damaged
• Can be thrown to play fetch
• A dog can also play on its own due to the interactive nature of the toy (snack dispensing)
• The toy can be used to reduce pet anxiety or alleviate boredom
• Several bright colors and two sizes to choose among

Size Guide:

• Small (S): diameter of 5 cm / 1.96 inches
• Large (L): diameter of 7 cm / 2.75 inches


Funny Dog Fun & Food BallFunny Dog Fun & Food BallFunny Dog Fun & Food BallFunny Dog Fun & Food BallTreat-dispensing toyTreat-dispensing toy

13 reviews for Funny Dog Fun & Food Ball

  1. Faye

    Great product, same as the description, arrived perfectly packed, store recommended. Funny Dog Fun & Food Ball

  2. Maggie

    Totally happy with my order, very fast delivery, thanks

  3. Putnami

    Fast shipment and arrived within in estimated delivery dates. Product matches the description. Looks like a lot of fun for my dogs. Looks good and feels good. Can’t wait for my dogs to test it. Top store. Will use in the future.

  4. Miranna

    Now, this is my dog’s favorite toy! Very cool ball, play without food in it, worn behind it only so. If you drink food, you can take a dog for about an hour, hide under the bed and pick out food, a great option for people who are often not at home, the dog will do something!

  5. Abella

    Ball is great, dog loves to pull out of it treats 🙂

  6. Sabrina

    Product 100% consistent with the description.

  7. Brooke

    So far so good, I just need to try it with food but it’s got good weight and my dog loved it. I. I bought L and it came faster than I thought.

  8. Anita

    Soft, I think the dog will like

  9. Nelly

    I liked the ball very much, I ran with it all day, I delivered food, was busy, thank you, the dog is delighted

  10. Taissa

    The dog is delighted! Inside put the usual food, it does not break off for two hours))) does not give anyone)

  11. Emma

    The toy is made of soft material and quite jumping. (of course not as a rubber ball). Smells of mint quite intensively. And so in general it can become a favorite toy of a small ugly 🙂

  12. Chriss

    Red toy, the dog really liked. Tried to lay food, plays even more fun. Thank you store

  13. Valerian

    Funny toy, dogs loved it. Fast Shipping.

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