Hair Catcher Tub&Sink Ring - Grab&Catch Hairs-Colors

Hair Catcher Tub&Sink Ring – Grab&Catch Hairs



Hair Catcher Tub&Sink Ring – Grab&Catch Hairs

You probably need to fish out hair from every drain in your house once a month. It’s truly one among the foremost disgusting tasks one has got to do when living anywhere, you would like our Powerful Tub Drain!

Hair Catcher Tub&Sink Ring - Grab&Catch Hairs

🍑Main Features of Hair Catcher Tub&Sink Ring – Grab&Catch Hairs
1. Prevent garbage from entering – It is not designed to block water from draining, but to protect items from falling into the garbage disposal or sink drain

2. Suitable for many drainages – Fits most sinks, showers, or tubs! Easy to install without tools utility model can effectively prevent the hair and debris from falling into the water inlet, and simultaneously does not influence the speed of draining water.

3. Eliminate foreign body blockage – Contact lenses and other small objects drop into a sewer, and this tub drain strainer protector will help keep the drains flowing freely.

4. Made from high-quality silicone – They come in a variety of different color options to choose from, and both are super stretchy to fit all size sink and tub drains.
5. The Tub Ring means no more fishing hooks down your drain – No more using a plunger in your bathtub, no more harsh chemicals to clear a clog, and no more wet disgusting hair in your bare hands once a week after your tub backs up!

Size: outer diameter 9.5cm/3.75″, inner diameter 4.5cm/1.77″



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