Essential oils for Air Humidifier

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6 pieces

This essential oils for aromatherapy diffusers

This product is suitable for an aroma humidifier!

Main ingredient: plant extracts

Capacity: 10ml/bottle


6 bottles/box (6 Kinds Fragrance of Lavender, Tea Tree, Rosemary, Lemongrass, Orangre, peppermint)


KBAYBO essential oils for aromatherapy diffusers lavender tea tree lemongrass tea tree rosemary Orange oil
Durability period:
3 years
Production Date:
Written on package
How to Use:
Suitable for heated aromatherapy diffuser or atomize aromatherapy diffuser, add 3 drops of essential
oil into the water then turn on the device. There you can enjoy aromatherapy.
Please clean the water tank if you want to change the flavor.
How to store:
Keep in a cool place and keep away from sunshine,
Keep away from children and pets;

9 reviews for Essential oils for Air Humidifier

  1. Maria Isabel H.

    El aroma es pobre

  2. Kurick W.


  3. Annia L.

    Drugi komplet olejków. Super sprawa. Szybka wysyłka Poland 15 dni.

  4. Shya H.

    The smell is lovely. Not quite sure how much i should add to water. How much drops per 100ml water…

  5. Otis A.

    Good Product..

  6. Severino J.

    Parece muito bom. Apesar de vir da Europa, demorou muito tempo.

  7. Bruno D.

    Demorou mas chegou muito satisfeito

  8. Nadya K.

    все как в описании. очень лимонграсс понравился, потом лаванда и на треттем месте чайное дерево. но это на мой вкус) все доставилось в срок.

  9. Jesusa V.

    recién acaba de llegar aún no lo e probado pero la presentación es muy buena sin quejas todo bien

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