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Rechargeable Pet Nail Grinder

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Rechargeable Pet Nail Grinder

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Descriptions & Features of Pet Nail Grinder

No Mess: Modern and innovative nail trimmer for your cat or dog. It is the fastest and the newest thanks to keeping your pet’s nail trim smooth and rounded with no mess!

Make Nail Grinding Painless: If your pets are scared of manicure, then we’ve got you covered. Smoothly and Precisely trim nails, no more worries about over cutting, bleeding or nasty pains. Let your pet’s paws touchably soft and keep your home safe from scratches.

Low Noise & Low Vibration: Equipped with a mute brass shaft and unique technology that is still powerful enough to softly remove thin layers of the nail. Sensitive dogs won’t get scared anymore, making your manicure work easier!

USB Charging: Save money on buying batteries! This Pet’s Nail Grinder comes with a USB port and cable which will continuously operate up to three hours once fully charged.

Rechargeable Pet Nail Grinder

Save Money On Grooming: You can now save your money on getting to the vet or groomer. Simply make one purchase and you’ll easily roll in the hay yourself, low risk involved.

Detachable Grinding Wheel: Grinding stones are often easily removed for cleaning. Simply rub on the surface with soft towel and tissue, in order that it’ll remain as effective as ever.

Suitable For All Pet Sizes: This Nail Grinder comes with three size openings to suit different sized nail. Choose an appropriate one consistent with the dimensions and characteristics of your pet’s nail.

Rechargeable Pet Nail Grinder

How to use the Painless Pet’s Nail Groomer

Firstly: consistent with the pet’s size and characteristics of their nails, choose the acceptable port/ opening for your pet.

Secondly: Holding the grinder with one among your hands, holding the pet nails with the opposite hand, put its nail into a port gently, then begin to grind.

Lastly: Begin the plastic cover of the grinder in an anticlockwise direction, turn it on and gently clean the surface of the nail grinder with eraser, paper or cloth to remove the nail powder.

Warm Tips:

For encouraging please reward your dog before & after grinding session.
5 seconds grinding for every one lasting time is enough, any more isn’t recommended for pet’s safety.
Be sure to regulate the grooming angle to shine the nails
You and your pet definitely will love this Premium Rechargeable Painless Pet’s, Nail Grinder!


Charging time:2 hours
Running time:3 hours
Charging mode: USB charging
Battery: Built-in battery

Package includes:

1x Pet Nail Grinder
1x USB Charge Cable
1x Package Box
1x user manual

— Very Fast Delivery – Dispatched From USA Ware House —

Rechargeable Pet Nail Grinder

12 reviews for Rechargeable Pet Nail Grinder

  1. Kaisey

    We have a 10 yr old cha-weenie named Moose and this set is just what we were looking for. We love the fact we can charge it by USB everything should be in today’s day and age

  2. Rebecca

    Perfect very well packaged and tested. It is noiseless I approve thank you for the great product! Rechargeable Pet Nail Grinder

  3. Sarah

    Neatly packed. Nail grinder works perfectly. It is highly recommended. Fine

  4. Kimberly

    It goes very well, it doesn’t make noise but you have to go Little Little by little so the dog gets used to it and it’s a positive thing for him.

  5. Candy

    Works great but my dog hates it. Sigh. Dogs.

  6. Ramon

    Well packed. Looks good, as described.

  7. Barry

    This is the first nail trimming device I feel confident using because of the slot for the dog’s nail. OMG, it?s pretty perfect. One of my dogs wears a leg brace which prevents the nails on that leg from naturally grinding down. I’ve tried other grinders and clippers. This one has that slot for his nail which keeps him safe from me getting his skin (or mine). So easy to use and even the sound wasn’t as high pitched as others.

  8. Thaila

    Trimming my pup’s nails is always a hassle, but this nail grinder makes it so much easier. It is quiet and there is no cord to deal with. His nails come out nice and smooth too, which I love! It is much easier than trying to use the clippers. I would recommend this to anyone who has a nervous dog

  9. Beste

    Everything is fine, my dog hysterical does not scream and does not burst out. Thank you!

  10. Alina

    Received super fast, not tried yet Rechargeable Pet Nail Grinder

  11. Angela

    Good product! Received very fast! Recommend!

  12. Fionna

    Thank you!!! Super!

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