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Self-Threading Easy Needles – 12 Pcs

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12 PCS Self-Threading Easy Needles 

We can all relate to the struggle of inserting the thread in the needle. But do not let it keep you away from your DIY sewing projects or crafts! Our self-threading needles make it easy to urge it right whenever.
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Quick & Easy Threading Needles
This Easy Self-Threading Needles smoothly load from the side so you do not need to worry about your thread slipping out of the attention. It solves the matter of individuals whose eyesight isn’t excellent. Great for the elderly and beginners!

Self-Threading Easy Needle

This sewing easy needle is suitable for denim, leather, silk, cotton, canvas, then on, which is the ideal choice for the elderly family. Let all the old mothers thread the thread then easily thread the string with a thick reading glasses.

12 pieces hand-sewing easy self-tread needles, steel, and nickel-plated, with the distributor (clear top).
It is small and elegant, with good steel property.
It is perfect at making fine manual work.
Each steel easy needles meet different needs.
Best for the works of sewing, embroidery, darning, quilting, etc..

There is a “stop bump” shape inside the channel into the attention which is there to lock your thread into the attention.
The “stop bump” also provides the open eye design stronger.
They are made from surgical grade chrome steel in order that they are hypoallergenic and can not rust and don’t break.
Material: Stainless Steel
Quantity and Size: 42mm/4pieces, 38mm/4pieces, 36mm/4pieces, total 12pieces


7 reviews for Self-Threading Easy Needles – 12 Pcs

  1. Gia

    good store, the delivery was fast and good, I am satisfied

  2. Valerian

    Sewing needles class and fully comply with the description. Delivery to St. Petersburg in 15 days. I recommend.

  3. Railey

    all as promised. good strong needles and so easy to thread. delivered faster than I expected. very happy with the store. I will order from them again.

  4. Allen

    Thank you order received together with needles ordered 2 sets needles. shipping 2 weeks, the parcel was tracked. Good store advice. and nice product, Self-Threading Easy Needles – 12 Pcs

  5. Korro

    They are amazing. I would recommend them

  6. Talia

    The product meets the purpose of it. I recommend.

  7. Rebecca

    All Ok Thank You Very Much

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