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Windshield ICE Scraper – Magic Cone

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!Only Blue Color Available!

Normal snow removers and ice scrapers do not scratch enough snow with each move. And also you must either push or pull in for removing the snow debris from your car. This Windshield ICE Scraper – Magic Cone is a smartly designed ice scraper and snow remover that is cone-shaped. So you can simply move it in any direction or make circles to remove more snow from your car at one time.

One side of this clever “Windshield ICE Scraper – Magic Cone product” is extra wide to cover more area for scratching and snow removal from your car, while the other side of the cone is designed to be an ice-breaker. Mini spikes at the end that protrude from it, so if there is a large build-up of ice piece on your car window, you can just tap the end of it on the ice, and it will easily break away.

The circular cone ice scraper is said to clear ice and snow from the windows of your car twice as fast as traditional scrapes using its large scraping surface. What is more, a unique shape of the cone makes it extra comfortable to grip and use.

The cone ice scraper can remove even the most frozen frost from the windows of your car with ease, will not scratch the glass on your car while using it.


  • Windshield ICE Scraper - Magic Cone

    Windshield ICE Scraper - Magic Cone

7 reviews for Windshield ICE Scraper – Magic Cone

  1. Sanches

    Not a bad thing, for the money out on 1000%, one disadvantage, not tight part with needles, reeling and easily detached

  2. Nadal

    Huge good goods. The Packaging was torn

  3. Kreg

    Seriously excellent product. I was skeptical but It really does the job better than the snow broom I have. It’s was a discovery and I’m really happy especially for this shitty winter. Recommend strongly the Windshield ICE Scraper – Magic Cone

  4. Ramon

    What you see is what wou get. haven’t Tested on eyes yet but it can be used to filling window washing fluid

  5. Rirchard

    Not yet tested the Windshield ICE Scraper – Magic Cone, it is sunny this week

  6. Sienna

    Less than 3 weeks to NL. WITH tracking. IN fact, not tried. Actually conventional funnel, but edge made angle led 60 degrees. A Little elastic.

  7. Emilliano

    works like a charm, instead of a regular ice scraper it works on both sides 🙂

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